This is DONNA's Story

I am married with 5 children and 5 grandchildren.  In September of 2017, my brother MIchael Wilcher was beaten and dumped in the street. First-responders transported him to the hospital for medical attention.  A day later he died.  That’s when our family learned this was a homicide.  My brother and I had a very close relationship and I miss him terribly.  Moving forward was difficult because I felt no one knew what I was feeling or could relate to me.  In an attempt to get justice and understand why no arrest was made in my brothers case, I turned to social media. I found others who were also seeking justice for their loved ones and decided to team up with them. They made me feel welcome with their outpouring of love, care and support. Together we became #JAVA. With my pursuit for justice for Michael, it’s only fitting that I lead the Unsolved Homicide committee.